Birmingham Limo Bus FAQ page

When dealing with clientele, we obviously get asked a good deal of questions regarding our buses, our policies, and our services. To make life a little bit easier for you, we've included some of our most common questions and answers here. Don't worry if your question is not addressed here though, our booking agents will be happy to set your mind at ease!

Our reservation process is easy and straightforward. We can facilitate them conveniently over the phone, and all you'll need is to know the time and date of your run, as well as having a valid credit or debit card.

Absolutely! Being a licensed limo carrier in the state of Alabama gives us the ability to permit anyone of legal drinking age to bring along as much alcohol as you'd like.

No, we do not allow smoking of any kind in any of our vehicles. We've found that allowing smoking greatly "ages" our buses in many ways, and the best way to preserve the beauty of our luxury vehicles is to simply not allow any smoking. To accommodate the smokers in your group though, we do allow unlimited stops so that your driver can pull over any time it is safe to do so.

The only limitation is time and money. If you would like to drive across the state, you're welcome to let us know. There's not additional charge for excessive mileage. The only charge you will incur is to pay for the time we're in your service!

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