Birmingham Balloon Twisters

If you are looking for a very creative way to to make your birthday party special, then seriously consider a professional balloon twister to astound all of the kids as well as to provide a keepsake to each and everyone at the party. Let's face it, kids love balloons anyway, but when they see one or more balloons being sculpted into one of their favorite characters or some form, you are really taking your party to the next level. You can't go wrong with a balloon twister for your son or daughter's party. But we stress to you that when you go looking for a professional, make sure they specialize in balloon twisting. The reason we say this is because there are clowns and magicians that also make balloon animals or twist balloons in one form or another but they are not capable of some of the complex designs that a true professional balloon twister is. So, make sure of this. You need to start looking around the Birmingham area for professionals who specialize in balloon sculpting. Below are some things that you need to be aware of in your search.

Again, keep in mind that there are party clowns and magicians who make balloon animals, but professional balloon twisters focus in on the art of balloon sculpting exclusively. You are probably wondering about cost. To give you an idea, balloon twisters usually cost anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour. You need to discuss with any candidate that you talk to how many kids will be at the party and therefore how many balloon forms they will need to twist to make sure everybody gets one. Part of this is deciding on what speed the professional would have to work at to make sure they were all completed. Some customers decide to go with speed twisting which involves making something simple in order to make sure that everyone gets one. You will want to ask anyone you consider if they offer a package rate. You need to decide which option is best.

Make sure everyone is clear about what you are supposed to provide and what the vendor will provide. One thing we know for sure is that most balloon twisters provide their own balloons and pumps. Whoever you interview, pay attention to their personality. Of course you want the person to be an expert at the task of balloon sculpting, but you also want them to be very comfortable engaging with all of the kids at the party. This is especially important when the line waiting for a balloon sculpture starts to back up. Obviously you will want to talk about their fee as mentioned above but make sure there are no hidden fees like a travel fee. Find out how many children they are used to working with.

Do they offer any discounts say for a second hour? Another good example of possible discounts is if you book a performer at an off time. Make sure you get references from each candidate and find out if everything went well at past performances. Looking at their portfolio can be very helpful because you get a sense of what they are capable of and whether you would like to see their creations at your son or daughter's party. Ask them to make a couple of sculptures right in front of you. Do not forget to do a background check, this is essential to protect the children. We hope this helps you with some of the things you need to find out as you search for an amazing balloon twister.