Birmingham Petting Zoos

When it comes to planning your son or daughter's birthday, there are a lot of elements that you need to consider to make the party all that it can possibly be. You need to decide on a theme, decorations and activities. You also need to figure out what food to serve, this should be your son or daughter's favorite. We suggest involving your child in the planning. You never know what they might come up with. And in doing so, they will really be made to feel a part of everything. If you really want to do something unique and bring in a feature that will make your child feel super special, consider renting a mobile petting zoo. It is hard to describe the connection between a child and an animal, all we know is that this kind of activity will make your party something magical. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the provider you hire is a top notch company. The Birmingham area has some mobile petting zoo providers for you to check out. Here is a guide to help you with this all important search and hire.

There is a very good chance that you have never conducted a search like this before. We have a few suggestions as to how to be productive in accumulating potential candidates. You really can't beat the world wide web as a research resource. Do a Google search for “mobile petting zoos in the Birmingham area.” You should see a number come back for you to check into. Start clicking on the links and perusing the websites of the individual petting zoos. If one catches your eye, jot down the name and contact information for later use. There is another excellent source to check and that is your family, friends and coworkers. See if any of people you know so well has ever booked a petting zoo or at least experienced one that they could recommend. You should by now have a number of potential vendors to check into. Call each candidate up and see if their petting zoo if available on the date of the birthday party. If it is, setup a time to meet and talk about the possibilities.

There are a number of pertinent questions that you will definitely want to pose to each candidate. The first question is one of the obvious ones. Since there will be a number of animals in your backyard, who will clean up after the petting zoo is long gone? Any provider you hire should assure you that they will clean up to the point that you won't even know they were there. Are they are licensed and insured? You should not hear anything but yes. If you do, walk away. This is protection for everyone. In what way will the children be allowed to interact with the animals? Will the staff be clear with the kids as to what they can and cannot do around the animals? Can the animals be fed by the children? What about brushing? Ask for references and find out how things have went with past clients. How much space will be needed to setup the petting zoo? Is your backyard big enough? How long does it take to setup? What kind of animals will be there? Are the animals vaccinated, dewormed, groomed, trimmed and bathed regularly? Should you provide hand sanitizer? How much will this service cost? How long will the zoo be setup? When you hire the perfect candidate for the kids and everything is setup, every child's eye will be darting around in amazement at a very successful birthday party.